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Daniel Jürgens Mestre, Group Chief Financial Officer, Trigo
« The operational experience of the June Partners teams, combined with their pragmatism and ability to listen, helped us to define and implement a tailor-made OTC process that delivers a sustainable reduction of DSO. »
Bruno Saintes, Project line pipe and Process Product line Director, Vallourec
« The June Partners team accompanied us on a cash optimization mission, and more particularly on trade receivables and suppliers.
Their very pragmatic, readable and directly applicable approach enabled the group to adopt much more rigorous processes and to be much more efficient. The rigor and the very operational support of the team were also a key factor of success on this mission. »
Denis Moos, SadevInox
« The June Partners team was a key success factor in this sale thanks to its transactional, financial and operational expertise and the proximity of its support. »
Geoff Alan HRA Pharma
« June Partners assisted us in cash and reporting, which first allowed HRA to control the cash flows projections and then, to have a reliable reporting in order to manage more effectively our activities. »
Claude Louzon, Director and Co-Founder of Paradis du Fruit
« Thanks to their perfect expertise concerning this type of issue, June Partners’ teams played a significant role in the success of the operation. It was quite important for us to get support from experts in a process that is a key step in our history. »
Dominique Heber-Suffrin, président de Zodiac Nautic
« Our file was relatively hard but the June Partners teams quickly integrated our strategy and were able to meet our financing needs with efficiency and agility. »
Franck Levy CFO Selecta
« June Partners’ teams assist us regularly in improving our financial and operational performance. During each of their interventions, they were strongly involved in the different issues as they integrated our teams. Consequently, they were able to identify all the levers of improvement. They were available, adaptable and attentive to our needs. The teams were also quite appreciated within the company and helped us many times to « root » the improvement of our processes. »
Cyril TROSSAT Reporting Director at Consolidation XPOLogistics Europe
« June Partners is definitely a firm that stands out. A tight team of experts with a strong operational involvement and a huge impact on the decision-making process. »
Xavier Leclerc de Hauteclocque, Executive VP & Group CFO Albéa
« June Partners teams has worked by our side since 10 years. They have been able to assist us in many transformation, financial or operational projects. More recently, their fine analysis of our records and their expertise has helped us to halve our time of production, thanks to the definition and implementation of our global reporting process vis-à-vis our shareholders. »
Thomas Christin Secretary General – Euro Média France
« June Partners gather excellent professionals that can adapt to companies of our size. They understood quickly our issues and the goal of the mission. The teams are skilled and reactive, which allow them to have a global perspective of how a company and its financial functions work. They showed a strong expertise when they assisted us in redesigning our business model and creating value. The teams were also involved in management control and data modelling definition. As part of their intervention, they implemented actions that gave quick and effective results. »
Xavier Vignon Chairman Groupe Sogetrel
« June Partners helped me to understand deeper and better the issues related to my financial management by bringing a whole contradictory perspective on the management tools, and to formalize the financial function roadmap thanks to a reactive, skilled and operational team. »
Boutaïna Araki – Executive Director Assistant Performance Management Clear Channel France
« I have worked with the June Partners’ teams since more than 10 years. I particularly like how their expertise is results-oriented and how the partners are involved during the missions. June Partners is a dedicated and reactive partner that knows how to strenghten a relationship over time »
Pascale HEURTEAU Financal Director Grontmij France
« June Partners is a real partner to assist me as a Financial Director, in all the transformation projects of my functions. The teams are pragmatic, effective and results-oriented. June Partners is able to develop a strong relationship of trust with its clients. »
Eric BERGMAN Executive Director – Administration Finance Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A
« June Partners assisted one of Moët Hennessy’s firm, where I used to work as a Financial Director at the time, in themes related to the management control function. They played a key role with their approach and the formalization of our issues. Indeed, they knew perfectly how to deal with our needs by adopting a broader outlook of the situation. This was made possible by their operational knowledge of existing tools on the market. June Partners’ experts have an important experience in addressing issues and management control tools. Their assistance in the process of recommendation has been determinant to initiate a significant transversal project. »
Philippe Lederman Financial Director BUT SAS
« June Partners assisted us in implenting a cash flow forecasting software. I particularly appreciated the results delivered by the June Partners’ expert. It helped us to make our forecasts more reliable and to industrialize our processes. »
Anne-France Laclide Financial Director Oberthur Technologies
« Beyond their professionalism, June Partners’ teams showed an incredible ability to integrate themselves within our own teams. Not only did it help to set up the plan quickly, but it also gave our teams a strong expertise and methodology to maintain the results. During the whole project, they made their position clear as real operational partners, strongly motivated to achieve results and goals. They enabled us to implement a significant evolution in terms of issues related to Cash. Their remuneration mode (results-oriented) is a major asset and a real indicator of their involvement. »
Fabienne Menard Performance Director in the Digital division – La Poste
« June Partners brings together financial experts that can intervene in a broader spectrum of tasks. I call upon them when we face complex situations with important issues. More recently, a partner assisted the director of our distressed subsidary. After making a diagnosis, the consultant helped us to restructure the company’s financial team, to implement new reportings and led the financial management during several months. Beyond their technical competences, the June Partners’ consultants understand quickly the situations and the issues, and finally, they integrate themselves easily in our teams. »
Thierry Allirot Secretary-General Demathieu Bard Construction Nord
« June Partners is a consulting firm with which we collaborated on the optimization of our WCR Clients performance. This team of experts understood quickly our stakes and professional problems. They helped us operationally to achieve our targets together and I particularly appreciated their way to deliver results. »
François-Xavier Desgrippes – Abrisud Chairman
« The June Partners’ team assisted us in our thinking process to improve our WCR. Their pragmatic and operational approach helped us to deepen our thinking process in order to implement an action plan. »
Thomas Nepveux Administration and Financial Director Groupe Buffalo Grill
« Our high-growth group needed to improve its financial organization. The dematerialization of our invoices was essential to absorb this growth and to increase the level of service on the ground. Thanks to June Partners’ teams, we implemented these tools and we improved the teams’ skill level quickly and strategically. »
Patrick VENRIES Executive Director SAPESO
« June Partners assisted us in the structuration of our business vision. Their prior social diagnosis of the situation enabled them to understand perfectly our goals and then to develop operational approaches of transformations. Also, they clarified our perspective of the issues in order to formalize and to initiate the implementation in the best conditions. »
Olivier Hervio Chairman of Geoxia
« June Partners’ teams assisted us in many financial and operational transformation projects. Their fine understanding of our activities and our goals, their engagement and their relational intelligence made them trustworthy partners. June Partners’ long term involvement to Geoxia has clearly multiplied the Group’s management transformation capacity and has secured the implementation of critical projects. »
Paul Raguin Chariman of the Management board Eolane
« June Partners’ teams brought us a new perspective on our economic performances as well as a creative sell-off/reconversion solution of our industrial sites. »
Isabelle Guillou Executive Performance Director – Altarea Cogedim
« As an Administration and Financial Director, it’s been more than 5 years that I’m working regularly with June Partners. As part of the Altarea Cogedim Group’s transformation, June Partners, assisted us with the performance management project. A lot of different teams worked on the optimization of the WCR or processes mission…The teams were very competent and they always integrated themselves perfectly with our own teams, thanks to a significant work of adaptation to our culture and to our transformation project. »


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