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The Big Data at the core of our actions

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Data Factory

What are we talking about?


The Data Factory is a team that supports you through our missions related to the stakes and the creation of a data centric approach to your business issues. More specifically, these are resources and platforms that aim to identify operational levers and accelerate your business performance gains through data. Thanks to a high volume processing capacity, it brings you greater in-depth analysis for the data process serving tailored business action plans.

Our Resources

A team of Data experts (Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Steward and Data Scientist) who responds and accompanies you throughout the process and the data centric approach to your business problem.

Our tools

A Big Data platform – Open Source, hosted in France

This platform is able to process very large volumes of data regardless of their format (structured or not) to perform exploratory analyzes (detection of weak signals, correlations, anomalies, etc.) and data enrichment (external). ) on your business issues (Supplier, Supply Chain, etc.), but also to set up predictive models (forecast of turnover, churn, inventory, cash, etc.).


A decision simulator: BBZ


BBZ allows to have an overview, then cut by value-added center of the company in order to model it and be able to quantify the impact of different scenarios of decisions. This simulator will bring you a photograph of the company highlighting: the key figures, the strong / weak points and the optimization fields, the calculation of the rates / cost rates, allowing you to quickly proceed to simulations of decisions considered.

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We work with your teams, in your offices, to maximize the impact and accelerate the implementation. We are here to secure the result and share the know-how.
Proven experience
A team of businesses and sectors' complementary experts to support you throughout the value chain of performance, including the most operational aspects.
Results delivered
That’s why you contact us and that’s what motivates us above all else. We are not here to produce reports or diagnostics, but to develop solutions and implement them quickly