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June Partners combines the best experts in finance, HR, industrial and operational divisions who know what a business is, its constraints and its obligation of results.

Thanks to multidisciplinary experience in consulting and business, numerous missions in different contexts (150+ missions and 90+ clients) in your activity sectors, our team’s cutting edge digital experience will provide you with the means to accelerate your performance, and implement your new trajectory in France and abroad. Whether these are your “top line” stakes, improvement of your EBITDA, liquid assets, we can provide support to your operational teams or take control of the key operations of the company. Sometimes, shareholders and Executives need financial and operational management of their company to improve their performance and, thanks to our teams, we can help them. We bring together skilled Executives who assume the roles of chairman/CEO, integrating into the June Partners transformation and performance improvement plan. First and foremost, our teams are experienced. 80% of our staff has over 15 years of experience. Because knowledge combined with expertise is the only guarantee for effectiveness and results. For you, we will build an ad hoc team, depending on the diagnostic and the audit that we will have conducted, who knows how to mobilize and what it means to intervene in commando mode to deliver the expected performance. Thanks to our large network, when we do not have the expertise internally, we know how to find the expert you need and integrate him into the project team. Each mission is coordinated by a partner. Responsible of the implementation of your transformation trajectory, he will be your dedicated contact person and will be involved throughout the mission. He will coordinate your task force, the “delivery”, and the expected performance.

of our staff  has over 15 years  of experience
80% of our staff has over 15 years of experience
of our staff
has over 15 years
of experience

June Partners, for a tangible and sustainable performance

We are on both sides of the performance and the efficiency. This is what led to the creation of June Partners. We wanted to get out of a board that is hiding behind the obligation of means, and we, as partners, desire to be engaged in the field to have a more profound impact alongside our clients. We are determined to act differently. We believe that experience and  seniority are the keys to make a difference. Partners are involved and spend 70% of their time on missions. We are committed to stay by your side to deliver sustainable and measurable performance. A performance that also determines our compensation: currently 50% of our interventions have success fees.


Senior Advisor
Associate Directors
Marc-Antoine Cabrelli
Partner - Chairman

Over 20 years of experience in business performance improvement in complex environments.  Marc-Antoine leads teams who define and implement cash flow management optimization, debt relief and WCR improvement programs.

Paul Guerrier

Paul has more than 15 years of experience in assisting companies in their transformation plan and the issues related to financial strategies in all sectors. Alongside Directorates-General and shareholders, Paul particularly intervenes in definying the business plan in the context of stratetic reflections, the need of funds from short to mid term, the financing strategy target and the management of fundraising complete process. He also assists investors and/or Management in their acquisition or sell-off operations in difficult contexts (carve out, takeover in court…).

Cédric Hetzel

Over 15 years of experience in financial consulting to companies in transformation and their shareholders. Cédric participates in many complex situation missions, during which he has developed a significant expertise, particularly in strategic plan development, transformation plan management, distressed M&A and fundraising.

Fabrice Keller
Partner - Member directory

Over 25 years of experience in businesses consulting specialized in transformation or turnaround. Fabrice is involved in operational support of an internal management team within the company, but also as an advisor to shareholders, or as part of the acquisitions/sales process in the context of a special situation.

Hubert Kirchner

Specialized for more than 15 years in establishing industrial and financial partnerships between companies (partial or total transfer of activities and companies in difficulty or outside of the core business). Hubert has strong skills in industrial, financial and social engineering, that large groups and small and medium-sized companies can benefit.

Frédéric Lumeau

Over 20 years of experience in consulting and corporate finance. Frédéric is specialized in financial transformation fields dealing mostly with financial transformation, planning, cost analysis, reporting set-up, closing optimization, and internal control processes.

Guillaume Masseron

Over 20 years’ experience in turnaround and improving business performance. Guillaume is specialized in the prevention of difficulties and liquidity crisis management, operational and financial performance improvement, and acquisition/sale of businesses in turnaround.

Xavier P. Négiar
Partner - Head of strategic commitee

For more than 20 years, Xavier has been leading turnaround situations missions and operational performance improvement for Small and Medium Cap businesses in all types of sectors, with and without executive board appointment.

Frédéric Piolti
Partner - Member directory

Over 15 years’ experience in Finance Department support. Frédéric is specialized in Working Capital Requirement optimization and cash flow management. He has led many liquidity level improvement programs in middle-market companies, both in France and internationally. He also takes action, more broadly, in financial optimization.

Vincent Rey
Senior Advisor

Over 25 years of experience in management in businesses in transformation. Vincent is in charge of taking action alongside clients on operational transformation levers: evolution of business models in unstable situations, performance management, reengineering roles and organizations, social dialogue…

Benoit Rocher

Nearly 20 years’ experience in Human Resources.

Benoit guides companies in the complex transformation conduct within environments requiring a strong expertise of social relations and joint negotiations. His missions can lead him to take responsibility of the HR global management in periods of particular criticality.

Christophe Molinié
Partner June Ops

Christophe has more of 20 years experience in management and operational positions in companies in transformation (business creation, development of new businesses, turnaround, digital transformation).

Eric Le Normand
Partner June Ops

Eric has more than 25 years of experience in directorates general and operational positions in strong service focus companies, with long-term performance transformation and improvement goals : strategic repositioning, operational efficiency, speeding up of business momentum, development of new businesses, integration of acquisition and sell-off. During his career, Eric implemented development strategies in order to accelerate the profitable growth. He also streamlined organisations (300 to 2000 collaborators) while reinforcing the customer experience (digitalization, redesign of IS…) and keeping a serene social climate.

Nadia Idrissi
Associate Director

Nadia is an Associate Director at June Partners. She assists companies during operational performance improvements in projects.

She manages the project of mapping the target organizations until the implementation of the plan, including all the social aspects as well.

In case of external growth during the due diligence phases, the analysis of organizational aspects and the diagnosis of social issues.

In situations of criticality or restructuration, she supports the executive and the shareholders in managing and adaptating to the organisational change of the processes in order to accelerate the exit of the crisis (recovery, customer/supplier relationship, boosting teams, HR organization and management.)

Before joining June Partners, Nadia was an Assoiate Director at I.E.N. She started her career in the BNP group as a lawyer and as a communication officer, specialized in economy and finance in a private equity subsidary.

Nadia graduated from Paris 1 Sorbonne-Panthéon with a Postgraduate degree (DESS) in Business Law and Taxation.

Clotilde Chêne
Associate Director

Clothilde Chêne is an Associate Director at June Partners.

Clothilde is involved in operational performance improvement projects. She is specialized in conducting the global transformation plan of operations : alignment of interests between the business plan and its execution, business plan review, reorganization, optimization of production and processes capacities.

Clothilde started her career in consulting 9 years ago at the Boston Consulting Group and then at Alvarez & Marsal, where she conducted many missions in the context of acquisition by Private Equity funds (Post-Merger Integration, strategic due diligence, operational diagnosis, Chief Transformation Officer). Before working in consulting, Clothilde was an economist-strategist in equity markets during 4 years.

Clothilde graduated from a Master’s degree in Econometrics and a Postgraduate degree in Economic Modelling.

Nicolas Gibert
Associate Director

Nicolas Gibert is an Associate Director at June Partners.

With nearly 15 years of consulting experience in finance departments in different sectors, in organizations of various sizes, Nicolas has primarily worked on transformation and post-merger integration (PMI) projects.

With a Master’s degree in Management Science, specializing in Finance, Nicolas Gibert started his career as Administrative and Financial Director of a video game development studio. In 2001, he joined Arthur Andersen as a Senior Auditor.

Then in 2004, he became Senior Manager at Accenture Management Consulting, and later at Accenture Strategy, where he was particularly involved in merger and transformation plans.

Nicolas Horaist
Associate Director

Nicolas is an Associate Director at June Partners.

With more than ten years of experience in the insurance, media and consulting sectors, Nicolas has an in-depth understanding of corporate financial management. He intervenes in many types of projects, such as due diligence in complex environments, cash forecasting, and even taking on the role of interim financial director in crisis and turnaround situations.

Nicolas began his professional career in London supporting the Chief Executive Officer of Groupama Insurance. In 2006 he was hired by a smaller company as Chief Financial Officer, where he was involved in the acquisition, turnaround and sale of various corporations. Nicolas joined Duff & Phelps in 2012.

Nicolas is a graduate of HEC Paris, obtaining his Upper Level Diploma in Accounting and Management in 2008 (DSCG).

Thomas Pion
Associate Director

Thomas is an Associate Director at June Partners.

He supports shareholders and management during operational performance improvements in their corporations. His involvement includes:

Assuming upper management responsibilities and support of these key functions (finance, human resources and marketing…) during periods of recovery and turnaround.

Creation and implementation of transformation plans.

Performance of operational due diligence during acquisition and sell-off processes.

Before joining June Partners in January 2015, Thomas started his career as a lawyer  and then conducted consulting missions during periods of restructuring for international corporations such as Schneider, Alcatel, Technicolor and IPSEN.

Thomas graduated from the EM LYON Business School in 2007. Admitted to the Bar in Paris, he holds a Master’s in Business Law from Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne as well as a Degree in Business and Tax Law from Paris 2-Panthéon-Assas.

Jacques d'Armaillé

Jacques is a Director at June Partners.

He has a significant experience in Human Resources with a strong strategic and operational expertise. He is specialized in assisting the HR management, which means that he can :

  • Define and manage the transformation plans, particularly in legal and union environments that are complex and sensitive.
  • Make a diagnosis and optimize HR functions and processes
  • Assist operationally all the issues related to the HR function in a company.

Before joining June Partners, Jacques worked as a HR manager in production sites and head offices in different sectors such as industry, transport and logistics during fifteen years.

Jacques graduated with a Master’s Degree in History and is also a greaduate of IEP Paris (2000).

Olivier Brom

Olivier is a Director at June Partners.

Olivier has more than 10 years’ experience in M&A. He has worked on numerous merger, divestiture, and acquisition operations in various sectors. Olivier now has highly specialized experience in the field of industry and is currently participating in June Partners’ various corporate finance missions, starting from assistance in the definition of a company’s Strategic Plan to the realization of the concrete actions that result from it.

He began his career at Lazard in 2005.

Olivier is a graduate of INSEEC Paris and holds a Master’s degree in Finance from ESCPParis.

Jean-Noël Brouchud

Jean-Noël Brouchud is a Director at June Partners. For more than 8 years, Jean-Noël has participated in missions to improve the performance of administrative, accounting and financial services in various sectors such as industry, service, mass distribution and transport.

Through his experience, Jean-Noël has been involved in numerous missions to improve financial performance, where he has developed expertise in the following areas:

  • management of accounting outsourcing platforms;
  • Efficiency of administrative and financial processes (Diagnosis, Design & Implementation);
  • Design of target processes (P2P, OTC, FSCP);
  • Restoration of quality to accounting departments;
  • Assistance in project management in the context ofimplementation of accounting and financial information systems
  • Reduction of closing times.

Before joining June Partners, Jean-Noël began his career at Ernst & Young, then Duff & Phelps in the Financial Performance-Advisory department.

Jean-Noël holds a Master’s degree in Management Science and a Maîtrise (3-year certificate) in accounting and financial sciences and techniques received at Université Lyon 3.

François-Jérôme Cantegrel

François-Jerôme has a significant experience in improving the financial performance of accounting functions and management control (organization, processes and procedures, information system). He mainly worked with large companies in various sectors such as General Motors’ Finance Team, Agnès b and Crédit Mutuel. He then has been a manager in financial performance projects for KPMG Advisory.

François-Jerôme graduated with a Postgraduate degree (DESS) in Audit and Management Control at Paris XII University and is a member of DFCG.

Jean-Marc Champeyrol

Jean-Marc Champeyrol is a Director at June Partners.

Jean-Marc started his career in management auditing at Rhône-Poulenc Rorer in Great Britain, then in management and consolidation control at Synthélabo in France.

In 1999, he joined the Unilever Group to become the Chief Financial Officer of the French subsidiary of the prestige division before being appointed in 2006 as Chief Financial Officer of Business Development at Coty.

He joined AKYA Consulting in 2011 where he developed his expertise in establishing industrial and financial partnerships with companies.

Jean-Marc now specializes in industrial merger acquisition operations. He is involved in the sale of subsidiaries or non-strategic activities for large industrial groups or ETI. He assists distressed companies in their repurposing or sale by searching for industrial buyers with ongoing development projects.  Jean-Marc also works on issues relatedto the reliability of financial and social data and directs the implementation of new indicators of company economic performance.

Jean-Marc has a marketing degree from the graduate school of management of Université Paris XI, and he is a member of the Association des Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle de Gestion(DFCG)[Association of Financial Officers and Management Auditing].

Lucie Depoix

Lucie Depoix is a Director at June Partners.

With more than 10 years of experience, Lucie mainly assists large multinational companies with various sectors. She is specialized in improving their operational performance and their customer service rate, and also in reducing their costs. She managed wide-ranging and complex international projects from the diagnosis phase to the implementation and the global deployment. Her expertise in client cycles (Order-to-Cash), supplier cycles (Purchase-to-Pay) and stock management (Forecast-to-Fulfil) is based on the redesign and optimization of processes, the implementation of best practices, the performance management with analytic tools and also the training-course and coaching client.

Before joining June Partners, Lucie started her career at The Hackett Group – REL in 2007.

Lucie graduated with a Master’s degree in International Projects Management at the Université Paris-Dauphine.

David Foucout

David is a Director at June Partners.

With more than 20 years’ experience, David is an expert in “Business Intelligence” and “Business activity monitoring”, who assists clients in operational missions. He is mainly involved in managing business modelling projects and decision-making simulation with the help of  the BBZ tool that he conceived to fulfill the internal analysis methods. David is also an expert in acquisition and process cartography, then in analysis and optimization of processes in companies. Finally, he assists operationally migrations and optimization of various information systems, from a technical, organizational and resources management point of view.

Before joining June Partners in January 2014, David worked in I.E.N, a consulting company specialized in performance improvement since 1996. He started his career in 1992 in various sectors such as industry and printing. He participated in performance project and implementation of IT tools, from accounting to production management and P.A.O.

David has an Analyst – Management Programmer certificate from CENORI. He has a scientific background and then completed his education with various courses : Network Administrator, Advanced Operator P.A.O, Database Administrator, BI…

Olivier Issaverdens

Olivier is a Director at June Partners.

With more than 15 years of experience, Olivier specializes in industrial merger and acquisition operations with significant social issues. Olivier primarily works on sales or repurposing projects for companies or industrial activities that are not core business or are in distress. He has worked in the automotive, mechanical, food processing, pharmaceutical, telecom and industrial services sectors (logistics, etc.).

Before beginning his adventure with June Partners in September 2016, Olivier was a Director at AKYA Consulting, a firm he joined when it was founded in 2016. Olivier started his career at Net4Music in New York, where he held the position of Marketing Coordinator and at Française des Jeuxas a Project Manager.

Olivier is a graduate of “ESCP Europe and the Masters of Human Resource Management and Organization of ESCP Europe.”

Cédric Pierru

Cédric is a Director at June Partners.

Cédric has 20 years’ experience in project management and change management for sustainable improvement in operational performance (cash, cost, service) for the largest companies.

In 1998, Cédric joined the REL Consultancy Group/The Hackett Group where he led optimization projects in client cycles (Customer to Cash), stocks (Forecast to Fulfill) and suppliers (Purchase to Pay) in aboutfifteen countries in Europe and Asia (he was based in Singapore for 4 years). In 2008, he joined EY France as the Chief Executive Officer in charge of the WCR offer for major international accounts. In 2011, he launched a new business and took part in the creation of several companies, notably BFR TM, of which he is a partner in charge of the consulting business.

Cédric is a graduate of ESSCA (Management, specializing in Market Forecast Studies) and of Sciences-PoParis(Sociology of Organizations).

Caroline-Emilie Schuster

Caroline-Emilie is a Director at June Partners.

Caroline-Emilie has more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance, FF&A and cash flow, with an expertise in strategy and project management. She is specialized in: financial control, operational and financial restructuring and due diligence activities, the management of the WCR optimization, the redesign and management of financing lines (pan-European factoring customers/stocks receivables, suppliers financing, fundraising, syndicated loan…) and cash flow management.

Before joining June Partners, Caroline-Emilie held financial functions in large international companies, including the sectors of food processing, mass distribution and retail (Kraft Foods, Etam, DBApparel/Hanesbrands). As a Group cash Director, she optimized the cash flow management by implementing a culture cash in line with the operating cycle (financing/debt structure and tracking). She has also been in charge of the DBApparel’s financial and operational turnaround project, and then has been part of the due diligence team in the context of its sell-off to Sun Capital Partners at Hanesbrands. She was named Head of the Reporting Group at Etam and took part in the harmonization and redesign of the financial statements project (consolidation, management, statuary), including at the level of information systems (SAP/SEM).

Caroline-Emilie has a MBA ESG certificate in Audit and Finance/Management control and Capital Markets.

Emilie Thevenet

Emilie is a Director at June Partners.

Emilie specializes in defining and implementing programs to improve WCR and financing, the ultimate long-term goal for companies being optimized cash management.

As part of her expertise, Emilie has participated in programs to reduce the WCR as well as projects in accounting and financial function reorganization, both in the context of solvent companies and those in restructuring. As such, she has been involved in subjects related to re-internalization or outsourcing of functions, CSP implementation, improvement of management processes – OTC or P2P), deployment of tools or workflows as well as the implementation of performance management tools. At the same time, she has also led a number of Financing programs (research and implementation).

Before June Partners, Emilie started her career at Ernst & Young in 2004, and later at Duff & Phelps.

After a DEUG (2-year undergraduate degree) in Economics and Management at Université de Paris XI, Emilie joined the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion de Paris[Paris Management Academy], where she graduated from the Financial Management and Market Finance training programs.

Luc Ventre

Luc Ventre is a Director at June Partners.

Luc has successively been Site Director (R&D and production) and CEO of industrial companies in several business sectors including automotive, steel, consumer products, food processing, and nuclear power.

During his career, Luc has been able to:

  • Define corporate policies and necessary resources (Manpower, Investments, Operating Budgets) and the actions (Industrial Master Plans, Quality Plans) to achieve the set objectives.
  • Reorganize/outsource/internalize operations;
  • Lead Research and Development teams;
  • Manage projects;
  • Set up Quality, Safety, and Environment procedures.
  • Implement/initiate improvement tools such as simultaneous engineering and collaborative working, lean manufacturing and statistical tools for process monitoring and control;
  • Negotiate/communicate with employee representative bodies (IRP).

With over 30 years’experience, Luc has specialized in the turnaround of industrial activities and the establishment of industrial and financial corporate partnerships since 2011.

Luc is a graduate of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Agro-Alimentairesand has an MBA from the Institut de Gestion International Agro-Alimentaireof ESSEC.

Luc is also a Quality Assurance Auditor ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, Environmental Auditor ISO 14001.

Philippe Miret
June Ops Associate Director

With its 30 years’ experience, Philippe had a varied career, alternating between operational posts in the industry and  responsibilities posts. He also got interested in the digilitalisation of companies very early, specializing in the development of new business models for industrial companies. He then combines an industrial expertise and a digital expertise to assist companies in their digital transition.

Philippe has successively been a Site Director, Industrial Director, Business Unit Manager and company director in many lines of businesses such as the automotive industry, oil, pharmacy and cosmetic products. During 7 years, Philippe conducted the development of service activity of Groupe Michelin (CA = 500 M €).

Philippe is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique X82 and Stanford University.

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