P2P process diagnosis

P2P process diagnosis

Objective : Assessment diagnostics on the efficacy of the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process


To run diagnostics on the P2P process

1To analyze
  • The volumetric data and quantitative information necessary to grasp the work done by the people met
  • The qualitative information necessary to evaluate the quality of services rendered by the different functions requested
  • The computer systems used and/or usable
  • The impact of the work performed by the employees in question on closing time
2To highlight
To highlight dysfunctional aspects, focal points for improvement for each function addressed and/or system used
3To identify
To identify productivity gains and opportunities in terms of organization, process and information system

To define the roadmap of the P2P process

1To prioritize
Prioritize and select operations to implement
2To calculate
To calculate potential gains
3To define
To define the roadmap