Group financing setup

Group financing setup

Objective : To run diagnostics on the group’s existing financing and financing needs


Situation assessment of the project’s progress and organization

Inventory of the current situation (indebted branches, conditions, collateral, timetable)
Validation of the group business plan (over 5 years) to determine the group’s current and future financing needs and calibrate new financing needs
Examination of alternatives to the existing mode of financing (setting up asset-backed medium-term loans branch by branch)
Decision by the group management, in accordance with June Partners’ consulting, to prioritize setting up medium term financing by the parent office, backed by assets from the same (collateral was securities from the main direct subsidiaries of the parent), intended to refinance a portion of the existing financing and cover additional needs


1Term sheet
Negotiation by the group, with its lawyer and June Partners, of a detailed term sheet with the bank to set up a syndicated financing ("club deal" with a small number of banks) within short timeframes (5 weeks)
2Loan agreement
Negotiation by the group, its lawyer and June Partners – along with the arranging bank and the lawyer for the banks participating – of the detailed terms and conditions of the corresponding loan agreement, and advising by June Partners on the management of operations to prepare for closing
Execution of the project through production


€ 90 million Group financing was set up
Strong improvement in Group’s debt structure as well as term and conditions